UFC Fighter Irwin Rivera’s Sisters Speak Out After Alleged Stabbing

UFC fighter¬†Irwin Rivera‘s sisters are speaking out after he was arrested for allegedly stabbing them in his Boynton Beach, Fla. apartment on Thursday, Jan. 7.

In a statement to E! News, Irwin’s sister,¬†Kelly Rivera, says her brother was not “in the right mind” when he allegedly stabbed¬†her and sibling¬†Leslye.¬†“I was with him that whole week and I knew he never slept and sometimes barely ate,” she claims. “He was battling with something we couldn’t admit to seeing and I regret not helping out sooner.”

Kelly adds, “I was always his little girl and he always protected me and cared for me, which is why¬†[I know]¬†he would have never in the right mind do what you all think he did.”

Her sister, Leslye, also tells E! News that she believes¬†the 31-year-old¬†“has fallen into an unstable mind state.”¬†

According to an incident report obtained by E! News, both sisters were stabbed multiple times as they slept in Irwin’s home. The¬†Boynton Beach Police department¬†told ESPN that¬†one¬†sister remains hospitalized in stable condition, while the other is in critical condition.

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