The Best Inexpensive New Arrivals at Our Favorite Retailers

As fashion editors, we refresh arrivals pages consistently‚Äď like clockwork. Even if you’re not specifically on the hunt for a particular piece, giving it a peek is helpful just to¬†see¬†what’s out there. The new arrivals page is¬†also a big clue into which trends and pieces we can expect to see filtering into fashion spheres everywhere. And while there’s always an excitement of seeing what’s freshly hitting stores, no new arrival is as good as a cheap new arrival: The thrill of spending less and acquiring something new? Say no more. Because we can never turn down the opportunity of saving a bit of coin, we challenged ourselves to find the most affordable new options under $150. We looked to some of our readers’ favorite retailers‚ÄďNordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Matches‚Äďto find the cutest yet cheapest new arrivals to hit the internet. Just a warning: you’ll probably want to buy everything. Read ahead to see all of our affordable favorites.

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