The 27 Best Amazon Items We Buy on Repeat

Over the last several months, I can confidently state that I have grown from a seasoned Amazon shopper into a borderline Amazon shopping expert. My penchant for shopping the site has evolved from solely relying on the platform to instantly order household necessities like cleaning wipes or toilet paper into uncovering hidden fashion gems, and now, into a one-stop-shop for well, everything. 

Perhaps the best part about shopping on Amazon, aside from the insightful product reviews, is the personalized efficiency. I can easily access my previous orders, and even better, I can re-order them with the click of a button. It’s like having a personal shopping assistant 24/7. Every time I’m stumped about that one product I bought that one time on Amazon, I can reference my account and find the item in a matter of moments—it’s almost too easy. From essential beauty products and home-enhancing goods to fashion pieces found in every color, I am continually clicking “re-order” on select products. Keep scrolling to discover which items I will undoubtedly be buying on repeat for the rest of my life, and maybe you will too.

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