Nicole Kidman Reveals “Disturbing” Real-Life Effects of Dark Roles

Her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, was by her side as she experienced these moments.

Though, she shared that Tom was the one whose “workload was so much more” and “much harder” during the time they filmed Eyes Wide Shut with Stanley. Nicole even revealed that when she was supposed to be on standby for scenes, she’d travel to Sydney or Paris instead. “My hat is off to Tom on it, because it was like every single day, whereas I would be told, ‘You can go home and wait at the house on standby,'” Nicole said. “And I was naughty because after being on standby for two months and never being called in… I decided, ‘Yeah, I’m going to go to Paris for a few days.'”

She said that Tom would call the house to see if she was home and a friend would lie on her behalf. But one day, the director realized what was going on and called her in, only to learn she was in Sydney, Australia. “Tom was like, ‘Aww, we’re screwed. You’re going to have to call Stanley,” she joked. “So I was like, ‘Stanley, I’m sorry. I’m actually not in the house, I’m in Sydney,’ and he goes, ‘Unfaithful woman.'”

Her experience with Eyes Wide Shut stood in stark contrast to her experience with Big Little Lies, which she hopes will get a third season. She said of working on Big Little Lies, “It felt good.”

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