5 Additions to Make to Your Skincare Routine in Your 40s

It’s no secret that the skin’s aging process differs from person to person. While some people might start forming wrinkles in their late twenties, others might remain youthful and wrinkle-free until they hit 50. Skin aging is a fact of life, and while genetics and lifestyle choices might delay the effects, at some point, it will catch up with you. And for most of us, this happens at some point in our forties. “Unless you’ve struggled with a specific skin condition like acne or psoriasis, during your twenties and thirties, your skin is likely to have been ticking along nicely, living off its own elasticity and hydration,” explains skincare specialist Jane Scrivner.

So what exactly happens when we hit our forties? “It’s time to start replacing what your skin is losing during the aging process. Your forties are the time to put in the groundwork before menopause, to really improve and maintain the condition of your skin, otherwise there will be a lot of catching up to do in your fifties,” says Scrivner. To really dig deep on exactly the sorts of ingredients and products we should be introducing to our routine in our forties, we have reached out to some of our go-to skin gurus to reveal their top five most important tips. Keeping scrolling to find out what they had to say.

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