3 Spring 2021 Color Trends You Can Wear Right Now

How is everyone navigating through the coldest month of the year? It’s usually at around this point (i.e., the bitterly cold throes of January) where I find my daily outfits (and mood) could do with a much needed uplifting boost. So for the last few weeks, I decided to liven up my looks by injecting some vibrant color into my mostly neutral wardrobe. After all, even a small pop of color can instantly invigorate and revitalize a winter look.

To get a head start on some of this year’s biggest color trends, I looked to the spring collections to see what hues I could easily add to my wardrobe right now. From unapologetic bubblegum pink to the prettiest pale yellow, scroll below to see how I’ve been wearing this year’s trending colors through winter and shop my favorite pieces in each hue that you can wear now and into spring.

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