3 Basic Skinny-Jean Outfits, Courtesy of Celebs

Given that skinny jeans could arguably be considered a staple at this point (yes, despite their sometimes polarizing nature), we’re often on the hunt for fresh outfits to wear with the essential. While we recently highlighted fashion-girl outfits with skinnies, we thought we’d focus next on how celebrities are wearing the denim style. And because we have a constant sartorial fascination with the Jennifers (Aniston, Lopez, and Lawrence), we wanted to specifically zero in on the skinny-jean ensembles this trio wears.

Interestingly enough, we noticed a common thread after researching all of their looks: Each seems to rely on more basic ensembles with skinnies. That’s not to say the looks in question aren’t fashion-forward, but rather basic in the sense that they’re timeless and incredibly easy to replicate. To showcase what we mean, we’re showcasing the skinny-jean outfits worth trying now, courtesy of three of the chicest Jennifers we know. Keep scrolling for more, and shop the inspired looks as well.

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